The existence of Gravitational Waves was proved by A. Einstein in his General Theory of Relativity in 1917. The Theory of Relativity represents events happening in a four-dimension space and describes these waves as "ripples in space-time".
It is well known in Physics that "carrying energy" is the main task of waves (acoustic, electromagnetic, sea waves, and so on), and Gravitational Waves are no exception to this. The generation of Gravitational Waves is due to the collapsing and/or the explosion of celestial bodies having strong gravitational fields. As during such events a change in the gravitational field takes place, Gravitational Waves carrying (gravitational) energy are generated, in order to re-establish the equilibrium conditions. For example, when there is the collapsing of a celestial body, its gravitational energy increases and, consequently, a gravitational wave dragging gravitational energy from the surrounding environment is generated.
It is difficult to interpret what we have just said if, as it happens in today's Physics, in the environment there is the "vacuum" and, therefore, it is "empy-of-gravity" too.
We are trying to explain hereunder how, according to our opinion, Gravitational Waves are generated...(more).

Gravità e Onde Gravitazionali

1. The (fundamental) role played by the speed of light
Rome, 20 June 2002

While analysing collapses concerning the nuclei forming Multiple Nucleus Quasars (MNQs) as well as trying to find an easy and satisfactory solution to the "puzzle" for the cadmium-sulphide detector, we were induced to revise the present settings of Physics. In particular, we were induced to admit the existence of a "physical" space whose characteristics (electric, magnetic and gravitational) vary according to its density.
The "physical" space becomes a "mediator" (that is to say the medium to communicate) among the main forces of Nature (electric, magnetic and gravitational) which do not need supposing any "action-at-a-distance".
The fact of the existence of a "physical" space, furthermore, allowed us to set the link between Gravity and Electromagnetism, which can be obtained through the varying the speed of light.

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2. Gravitational Waves and the Matter
Rome, 30 June 2002

Gavitational Waves of high, low and very low intensity are continuously strike the Earth and our Solar System.
One characteristic of these waves is that they do not show any regular or periodic behaviour but they came in a totally random way. A careful analysis of the waves has knowing to better understand their interacton with the matter as well as the nature and origin of these Gavitational Waves, that are quite different from today's ideas of them.
The two high intensity events recorded on August 1999 allowed us to better understand the interaction of Gravitational Waves with matter and fields (electric and magnetic). These waves interact with the terrestrial magnetic field and causing the Earth's nucleus restraining and, consequently, an Eastward slipping of the mantle is produced. If the intensity is quite high, earthquakes on the whole equator band suddenly occur.
The heat generated by friction between nucleus and mantle causes, after a few months, an intensification of volcanoes activity.
For what concerns the Sun, the effects produced by these waves are an intensification of sunspots, surface explosions, etc..., that would happen with a further delay as the heat generated inside the Sun takes longer to reach the surface.

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